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TURBOKRIEG Nasa Approved Ultracore 12"


After three US tours, splits with DISSENT, GRIDE, & THE SECRET PROSTITUTES- back from their second european tour climaxing in a performance at Obscene Extreme and in time to celebrate the late/great Uncle Tommy's birth:

Houston's mega-speed meta-blasters (assisted by NASA research scientists) constructed a 12" mixtape out of obsolete technology, unproven warp solo theory, oil, the ancient texts of the Speed Khan and re-constructed thrash metal transmissions captured from the next millennium then faxed across time to a cell phone that doesn't receive text messages.

Features underground players that have quit heavies like PLF and WAR MASTER to focus on the pure genius that is TURBOKRIEG!! Just don't ask them what bands they were kicked out of...

15 songs in 27 minutes limited to 500 copies on Frank Gold colored vinyl. Comes with a 7" die cut circle cover in a picture disc sleeve.

"Diehard" editions include the hand screened Czech tour test press covers, special insert, sticker and patch.