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GRUESOME STUFF RELISH Horror Rises From The Tomb 12"

Image of GRUESOME STUFF RELISH Horror Rises From The Tomb 12"

$5.00 - On Sale

The cursed zombies from Spain have returned from the beyond to consume your flesh once again! GRUESOME STUFF RELISH has finally arrived with Horror Rises From The Tomb on vinyl!! 19 songs of freshly dug-up horror Death Metal and Grind done the way this music was originally intended, absolutely no modern influences plague this epic feast! Instead you get nothing but the most catchy and well played death/grind songs in the style of early masters such as IMPETIGO, XYSMA, NECRONY, and CARNAGE. At the same time paying homage to the morbid and gore-drenched Italian and Spanish horror films from the 70's and early 80's!
Featuring incredible full-color cover artwork by the new master of horror comics, Jeff Zornow and a special guest vocal appearance by none other than Stevo, lead vocalist of the legendary IMPETIGO themselves!